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About Us

KTC Vietnam is a private security company that was established and started operating in Vietnam since 2005. With an increasing scale expansion, we now have over 1,000 employees working in the entire country and managed by a professional and modern process.

Receiving a major financial investment and owning many modern facilities together with the collective effort of a devoted and experienced staff, KTC Vietnam has created prominent differences in comparison with other Companies in the same field.

With an innovative thinking and action, KTC Viet Nam is giving its best effort to perfectly meet the customer’s demands through its high standards of service.

KTC Viet Nam is a business idea of the founders group with the desire to establish a private security company that owns outstanding features in Viet...
Our company provides security services, we protect buildings, banks, hospitals, schools, factories, contruction works…. We are providing various...
KTC Viet Nam has a strong culture with our own characters, therefore, there are some distinctive features in our managêmnt model.The management...
The management board of the Company continuously invests and improves our uniforms, and depend on the nature and characteristics of each task that...

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