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Goods and money escort and transport service:

15:43   11/08/2016
Goods and money escort and transport service:

Given the complexity of current crime, it is very dangerous to transport large amount of money or precious metals by yourself. It threatens not only your assets but also your health or even your life. Therefore, you should come to the professional escort and transportation service of KTC Vietnam.


The activity of escorting money and important goods in Vietnam is managed by the Law, therefore, to perform this service, we have to comply with all related regulations of the State.


Money and important goods escort service is divided into 4 main contents:


- Provide security staff to escort money without specialized vehicles.


- Provide security staff with specialized vehicles.


- Escort money and important goods accompanied by representatives of customers.


- Escort money and important goods independently.


We are fully confident in providing this service to customers because:


  • 90% of our staff who perform this task are retired millitary officers and policeman
  • Security staff is equipped with modern and professional equipment to assure the success of all tasks
  • 100% of security staff are checked on their professional ethics and honesty before undertaking any task.


At present, we are the partner that provides the service of escort and transportation of money regularly for many big banks in Vietnam such as: Techcombank, GPBank, BIDV, Vietinbank, Tienphongbank, VPBank etc…


Please contact us for further advices on this service. Looking forward to cooperating and being at your service!



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