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Personal protection services

15:43   11/08/2016
Personal protection services

Personal protection service, also known as “Bodyguard”, is a high-class protection type that is strongly developing in many countries all over the world.


Human being is the subject that needs to be protected with best conditions. The protection of health and lives of clients requests the service provider to meet all requirements and conditions of workforce and management.


The clients who often use this service include:

  • Singer, stars, movie actor/actress;
  • Mid – level officials, entrepreneurs, enterprise leaders;
  • Groups of foreign tourists, foreign visitors working in Vietnam;
  • Individuals having situtations of civil or economic disputes, lawsuits, divorce… and being threatened
  • And other cases …

Methods to  register the personal protection service:


  1. - Customers need to provide sufficient information about individuals that need to be protected.
  2. - Customers need to provide honestly the reason of the needed protection.
  3. - Customers need to provide the travel itinerary and locations that you need to go
  4. - Vietnam KTC will set up a plan to protect and provide transportation (car) if needed and establish and agreement with the customers about expenses and other contents before implementing the mission.


You can contact us directly for specific advices about this service!


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