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Security monitoring services

15:43   11/08/2016
Security monitoring services

Our security monitoring service includes the alarm mornitoring, verification and response according to instructions. Through the camera system and warning system installed at the protected targets, these targets are constant monitored by security staff at the Center of KTC Vietnam.


Security monitoring services in Vietnam can be interpreted in many ways, but the solution that we provide to customers will be very simple and effective. It can be understood as follows:

This is a model combined by technology and security staff. This two factors coordinate to supervise and provide solutions in time when any situation occurs. All activities at the protected targets will be monitored via camera system, images will be sent through internet link to supervision center. Whereby, security staff will control all situations at the protected target even without their presence at the scene. When there is any alarm signal sent to the center, security staff will immediately check the information by making phone calls to client to verify, check again through camera system and directly assign personnel to come down to the scene for urgent cases if any sercurity threat toward the targets is confirmed.


Types of client that may use this service include:

  •  Security monitoring of Banks, Gold Shops;
  •  Security monitoring of Private apartment;
  •  Security monitoring of schools;
  •  Security monitoring of condominiums;
  •  Security monitoring of hotels;
  •  Security monitoring of Hospitals…..
  • Security monitoring of factories, intrustrial parks...


In the general context of the society,  in some cases it's not easy  calling 113 police for help . However, you can choose a new solution of Vietnam KTC by signing a contract for security monitoring.

- Your or your workplace frequently threatened, disturbed?

- There're elderly people and children alone at home that always need help?

- You are frequently on bussiness trips and nobody looks after your home?

- You don't feel comfortable with the fact that  there's always a group of security guards always standing at the entrance of your house?

- It's expensive if you have to hire at least 03 security guards to ensure security 24/24 for your family?

-  Everything will become simple when you sign the Security monitoring service Contract, after less than five minutes of your call or when any image of unexpected situtations is sent back to the center via cameras. Our experienced and devoted security staff will quickly be present at any place where you need, they will help you handle things in a best way before the police arrive. Your target is constantly monitored 24/24, security staff are always ready to serve you at any time you need.

Customers can directly contact us for specific advices on this services, Looking forward to cooperating and being at your service!



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