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Security Service

15:43   11/08/2016
Security Service

This is the provision of security service for targets like apartments, construction sites, assets... etc...in many different locations. It includes activities to maintain security, protect assets, prevent fire and explosion, control human resouces, manage equipment and give instructions.


During the last few years, KTC Vietnam has quickly developed this service model. Our main clients of this fixed security service in Vietnam are:

  • - Banks, gold shops;
  • - Buildings, offices, agencies;
  • - Plants, factories, industrial parks;
  • - Construction sites;
  • - Warehouses, habours;
  • - Hospitals, schools, bus stations;
  • - Private apartments, condominiums;
  • - And many other types of target….

Our fixed security service makes up 65% in the total market share of services provided by KTC Vietnam. You can find staff of KTC Vietnam everywhere, from buildings to plants, factories, construction sites, retail shops, warehouses, parking lots …

You can contact us for further advice on security services for  fixed targets.


When the customers are in need of our fixed security service, KTC Viet Nam will consult, investigate the targets and set up plans without any charge for the customers. The security plan will describe fully the arrangement plan of security positons, detailed missions of each positon, solutions for urgent situations, fire and explosion prevention process and service expense for the customer.


Security plan is an indispensable document and considered to be an appendix attached with the Contract between  the customers and KTC Viet Nam Security Services Company.


Depending on the scale and characteristics of the target, KTC Viet Nam will inform you of the earliest time that the service can be implemented.


Please contact us for further advices on this service. Looking forward to cooperating and being at your service!




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