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Sercutiy Service for Events

15:43   11/08/2016
Sercutiy Service for Events

This activity includes security staff that are trained and held under tight commands in order to ensure security and order of one or more different events. We often find the security guards working at Festivals, Music Shows, Exhibitions ...etc...



With our prestige and experience, we have provided this service for many domestic and overseas clients, with the number of security staff up to hundreds of people. Some big events that we provided our services are:


          - Performances of Sao Dem Music group in 2005, 2006;

  • - Sakura Festival in Hanoi in 2009;
  • - Beer Heineken Festival in 2010;
  • - Vietnamese Entrepreneur Festival in 2010;
  • - Buddha Seven Colours Head Shrine Welcoming Festival in 2010;
  • - Thang Long – Hanoi millennium anniversary in 2010;
  • - Event of Prudential Vietnam in 2011;
  • - And other events …

Security service for events requires the provider to have a large number of staff that are ready to meet clients’s demand at any time. To prepare for big events, KTC Vietnam has to set up detailed protection plans and organize commanding and logistic works carefully in order to bring the best service to clients.

Steps to register security services of KTC VIetnam:


1. Clients provide full information about the event, time, location, the number of participants...etc...


2. KTC Viet nam will investigate, set up plan and inform clients about the expenses.


3. Both parties agree to the contents, sign the contract and operate the service.


Please contact us for further advices on this service. Looking forward to cooperating and being at your service!




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