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Being a general provider of security services, we are ready to meet any client’s request at anywhere in the territory of Vietnam. You can find services provided by our comapny below:
Security Service
This is the provision of security service for targets like apartments, construction sites, assets... etc...in many different locations. It includes activities to maintain security, protect assets, prevent fire and explosion, control human resouces, manage equipment and give instructions.
Sercutiy Service for Events
This activity includes security staff that are trained and held under tight commands in order to ensure security and order of one or more different events. We often find the security guards working at Festivals, Music Shows, Exhibitions ...etc...
Security monitoring services
Our security monitoring service includes the alarm mornitoring, verification and response according to instructions. Through the camera system and warning system installed at the protected targets, these targets are constant monitored by security staff at the Center of KTC Vietnam.
Personal protection services
Personal protection service, also known as “Bodyguard”, is a high-class protection type that is strongly developing in many countries all over the world.
Goods and money escort and transport service:
Given the complexity of current crime, it is very dangerous to transport large amount of money or precious metals by yourself. It threatens not only your assets but also your health or even your life. Therefore, you should come to the professional escort and transportation service of KTC Vietnam.

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