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Cash Collection and Deposit Service

Cash Collection and Deposit Service

KTC Vietnam 11 May, 2020
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The Cash Collection & Deposit Service is a cost-effective security solution for retail chain companies, convenience stores chain, high-end fashion shops, gold, silver and other precious metals trading companies in Vietnam. Clients do not need to send employees to deposit money at the bank, no legal risks, no investment needed in facilities and equipment, and no need to buy deposit insurance. Clients will be absolutely assured when using Cash Collection & Deposit Service from KTC Vietnam.

With over 15 years of experience in the field of security services in Vietnam, KTC is one of the large-scale security companies with operation covering provinces and cities across the country. Equipped with specialized vehicles and powerful security equipment such as cash-in-transit vehicles, bulletproof vests, bulletproof helmets, rubber bullet gun, tear gas, batons, radios … etc. With a team of experienced security staff, clear background, good moral qualities, well-trained, they will surely satisfy customers when using the service.

In the context of social order and security, there are many complicated developments such as: street robberies, bank robberies and especially robberies at convenience stores are increasing.
The amount of money from the sales at the stores is quite large, especially on weekends, holidays and New Year when purchasing volume increases.

In Vietnam, most of the retail chains and convenience stores bring their own money to the bank by sending an accountant, cashier or even a clerk. They are often subjective and have limited expertise in security and safety, they have no experience, they are not equipped with the necessary vehicles and security equipment. This approach has many potential risks not only to people and properties but also to legal factors such as:

  • The risk of money robbery on the way to the bank;
  • The employee is attacked resulting in injury or death;
  • Traffic accidents while performing their duties;
  • The employees take the money and fled, not remitted to the bank;
  • Loss, shortage of money, no liability insurance;
  • The company can be sued for using unqualified labor;

The Cash Collection & Deposit Service is performed by a group of 02 armed security personnel, wearing specialized uniforms, using bulletproof vests, bulletproof helmets and other support tools such as guns, batons, radio to perform the service. The professional security staff will collect money from clients’ locations and use cash-in-transit vehicles which have fireproof safes, camera system and GPS navigation to transport all the funds to nominated bank and deposit money into the customers’ bank accounts. The whole process will be performed periodically and synchronized to ensure security and high confidentiality. In addition, customers will be guaranteed by KTC’s Professional Liability Insurance package at 20 billion VND / loss.

On the events such as: Holidays, New Years, Saturday and Sunday when the banks are not operating. The money collected from the stores will be transferred by the KTC to the vault for storage and will be deposited the next day when the banks operate again.

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